We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished throughout our operations within Canada and the USA over the past 50 years. We are excited to continue building on these accomplishments as a leader of fiber optic construction in the telecommunications industry.

Our focus is to provide our North American communities with the ability to access the future of telecommunications through our turnkey solutions. We approach every job as a turnkey operation, regardless of location, type, or size, and we take a great deal of pride in the quality of our work. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with our services.


Since the establishment of the ROHL Group of Companies in 1967, ROHL has grown from a small family company into a leading multi-national telecommunication firm. Our founder, Albert Rohl, set forth with a vision to grow with the ever-changing technology industry, and this vision continues to be a driving force behind ROHL’s future ambitions.

During our growth years, our primary focus of servicing the utilities industry rapidly expanded into fiber optic installations. In 2005, following our many years of construction experience across Canada, ROHL acquired our first network and became a fully turnkey telecommunication company. Even in years of economic downturn, our offices in Manitoba and Alberta have always been blessed with success and growth.


At present, ROHL provides a vast array of design, construction, and maintenance services for the telecommunications and utilities industry. Our teams have experience providing our services throughout North America, whether it be in urban areas or remote locations that require winter ice roads and camps. We have completed extensive work throughout Western Canada and in almost every state in the USA.

The work forces we have assembled are exceptional in production, safety, attitude, and work ethic. We range from 150 to 275 employees on staff and have, as the workload dictates, the ability to put out a compliment of 300. To ensure that ROHL maintains direct quality control over all projects, we sub-contract out no more than 5% of project workloads.


ROHL is proud of our ability to tackle any turnkey construction or telecommunication project from conceptualization to completion.

We are consistently able to accomplish this through large investments in our most valuable assets: our employees, our IT systems, and our equipment.

Keeping these organizational assets current as technology continues to advance is a top priority for our continued success and is something we will continue to do as our company and industry grow and evolve.

Whether our customer is one of the largest telecommunication companies in North America who needs a Layer-1 circuit, and municipality who needs a turnkey internet solution, or a hydro company requiring assistance with their maintenance program, ROHL will continue to evolve and be a premier brand providing essential turnkey services.

Working with FIRST NATIONS Communities

ROHL prides itself on our past and present relationships with First Nations communities throughout Canada. We have completed several joint projects with multiple communities across Canada and have fostered relationships built on mutual cooperation and respect.

ROHL works to respect and understand the traditions and values of these communities, and we carry this attitude forward on all projects.

At ROHL, we recognize that First Nations communities are a thriving and an increasingly emergent segment of the population, which is a reflection of ROHL’s employee base.  

ROHL looks forward to all future opportunities that may arise to work alongside First Nations communities and to collaborating with them to provide beneficial services to their community members.